Initial Meeting:
The process begins with an initial meeting which we do not charge a fee for. This first meeting allows us to get an outline of your unique circumstances, financial objectives and lifestyle goals. It enables us to broadly identify your needs, your attitude toward investment risk and the compatibility with our services.

The second stage of the process involves meeting with you to go through a comprehensive and confidential fact-finding exercise. We work with you in compiling all the relevant information which allows us to establish a complete overview of your current financial situation and objectives.

Once we have all the relevant information we can then start the process of analysing the data with the intention of putting together a detailed financial planning report. This is tailored to your unique circumstances and requirements. Using our expertise and professional research capability we then create unique recommendations for you.

Presentation Meeting:
We present our findings and recommendations with a clear explanation of the rationale behind these. At this meeting we will address all of your queries or concerns, agree your plan and confirm the next steps.

Once you have agreed our recommendations, we will make all the necessary arrangements to implement your plans. We will act on your behalf with the financial institutions to set up new products and carry out any changes to existing arrangements that we believe are in your best interests.

Ongoing review & monitoring:
Your objectives are likely to change over time, just as your personal circumstances and the world will change. For this reason, effective financial planning is not a one-off event; your investments/portfolio and protection arrangements will be reviewed on a regular basis.