Most of us don’t spend enough time considering the implications of choosing a particular investment asset, until it goes wrong, by which time it can be too late. There are many options out there for people with money to save or invest. The terms, levels of risk and potential returns can vary greatly, and it can be difficult to build a portfolio that aligns with your own objectives and needs.

We can help you make the right choice. Whether you are saving money towards a goal or investing a lump sum, you need to ensure the product is right for you. We will help you identify your goals, attitude to risk, and analyse your current situation to determine what level of security you require.

Our investment service offers the expertise that is required in identifying, devising and implementing an investment strategy and solution that reflects your goals for each investment requirement.

Investment Considerations:
There are a number of factors we consider before making an investment recommendation:

  • Your overall financial plan and circumstances
  • The existing investments that you have in place
  • The term and purpose of the investment
  • Your investment knowledge and experience
  • The amount of risk you are comfortable taking
  • Whether access to funds is required
  • Which tax treatment is most appropriate to your circumstance

You can read more about our investment philosophy which is available upon request.

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